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Fu-Zhuan, also known as Fu brick, is one of the three Zhuans (Hua-Zhuan, Hei-Zhuan & Fu-Zhuan) of Anhua’s Heicha. It is well known that Fuzhuan contains "golden flowers", which is a type of fungus (Eurotium cristatum) with health benefits. Due to the particular process of generating the "golden flowers", Fuzhuan is less tightly pressed than the other Zhuans, in order to leave a proper environment for the generation and growth of the fungus.


After being aged 11 years, this tea has developed a very mild taste, there is no longer anything aggressive in the amber tea soup, but only an apparent "golden flowers" aroma, a highlighted jujube like sweetness, together with a hint of malt note.

2009 Anhua Fuzhuan BG786

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