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Zou Shui (走水) is a technical term in Yancha production, which means dewatering. In a broader sense, from the moment of harvesting through withering, fermentation, and until Maocha is produced, the initial stages of Yancha production constitute a continuous process of moisture removal. However, Zou Shui Cha refers to the tea that has undergone Zou Shui Bei (Bei means roasting), the first roasting after the Maocha stage. The primary purpose of Zou Shui Bei is to further eliminate moisture and any unpleasant odors from the Maocha, in preparation for the subsequent roasting. In most cases, Zou Shui Cha is considered a semi-finished product. However, when perfectly done, it is already suitable for drinking and sale. The light-roasted Yanchas that appear earliest in the market each year are often Zou Shui Cha.


A good Zou Shui Cha is rather floral, tastes vibrant and energetic, without any fire notes or charcoal hints, and distinctly exhibits the characteristics of its varietal and the environment where the tea trees grow. Zou Shui Cha also serves as excellent material for understanding how Yancha transforms its flavors through the magic of roasting. We offer two options of Zou Shui Cha, one Shui Xian and the other Rou Gui, both from the Zhengyan area and meticulously crafted.


One limitation of Zou Shui Cha is that it is not suitable for long-term storage and should be consumed within a few months. We recommend enjoying it as soon as it arrives at your tea table.

The Freshest Yancha of 2023 - Zou Shui Cha (走水茶)

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