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What is Xin An Chu?

   Xin An Chu    
  the place where you feel at ease  

In Chinese Culture, a person’s homeland is traditionally considered as where they feel most comfortable. However, the great Chinese Poet Su Shi (11th Century), also known as the Chinese Shakespeare, gave us a romantic quote: 心安处是吾乡 (Wherever I feel at ease, there is my home)心安处 (Xin An Chu) literally means the place where one feels at ease, and here at our company, we dedicate ourselves to build a Xin An Chu, a tea paradise where tea lovers can be at ease and relax.

We have been committed tea brewers since the late 1990’s. This means that you can have faith in our ability to provide you with the highest quality teas, of limited productions and from their native region, thanks to the strong relationships we have with first rate tea farmers, and tea academics in China.

We are excited to introduce you to one of the most authentic Chinese tea experiences and grant you a new perspective on the essence of Chinese Tea. 

Happy Brewing.

Xin An Chu ® Team                 

July 18th, 2021                      

Updated in 2022:

Xin An Chu ® has been registered as EM (EU Trademark) at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), such registration was published in the European Union Trademark Bulletin No. 2022/005 on 10/01/2022.


The Choicest tea from China, Pan-EU registered trademark based in Spain.
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