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Yixing Teapots - 紫砂

Yixing teapot is also known as Zisha (紫砂) teapot, since its material is Zisha clay found in the city of Yixing in the Jiangsu province. Zisha is a type of sedimentary rock, accumulated with layers of different colors such as Zini (brown), Benshan Lvni (beige or greenish yellow), Hongni (red) etc., collectively called Zisha. During firing, a double micro-pore structure is generated in Zisha, which allows the tea to "breathe" in the teapot and helps to bring out a better taste and aroma. Unlike many types of ceramics, which use method of throwing to create the shapes on a potter’s wheel, Yixing pots are mainly made by method of slab, along with some other techniques, to its form by flapping flat pieces of clay.


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