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Jianshui Teapots - 紫陶

Jianshui teapot is fairly rare and unique, also known as Zitao (紫陶). Zitao means purple pottery, technically it is made from a material called clay of five colors (red/yellow/green/purple/white) found in Jianshui county, Yunnan province.


Jianshui teapot is a veritable art that combines ceramics, carving, painting and calligraphy. First the shape of the teapot is handcrafted on the potter’s wheel using the “throwing” technic, then an artist, who may be someone other than the potter, will write and paint directly on the clay pot (or greenware) before it dries, then carve the painting and handwriting out, and fill the grooves with clay of different colors. So, the patterns and calligraphy on a Jianshui pot are not paint or pigment, instead, they are all created using the particular “carving and filling” technique of this unique ceramics. After firing at 1120ºC-1180ºC, the teapots will be sanded and polished to create the smooth and silky surface texture.


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