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White Tea - 白茶

White tea (白茶) is the least processed one among the six categories of tea, which only goes through two stages, withering and drying, so that it is considered the most natural tea. The production of white tea in China is mainly in Fujian province (Fuding, Zhenghe etc.) and Yunnan province (Jinggu etc.) and the products are varied in each production area. It is also the tea with the most varied harvest standard, from all buds to a bud with three or four leaves, bringing out flavors and aromas in different styles. The aging of white tea is a magic, transforming the freshness, the delicate flavors and aromas of a newly processed white tea into a mellow tea soup with complex aromas. We offer precious white teas from Yunnan, both fresh ones and aged ones. White teas from Fujian will be available soon on our website, please stay tuned.

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