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Oolong Tea - 乌龙茶

Oolong (乌龙茶)  is one of the six tea categories. It is a type of tea semi-oxidized (or semi-fermented) and the oxidation level can vary from 10% to 80% or even more. The oxidation of each Oolong depends on the process of shaking the fresh harvest, the more shaken, the more oxidized the tea. Strictly, Oolong teas are produced only in four regions around the world and each region has its representative products: in southern Fujian province (Tieguanyin etc.), in north of the same province (Yancha etc.), in Canton province (Dancong etc.) and in Taiwan (Baozhong, High Mountain Oolong etc.).


Among all the Oolong teas, Yancha, the rock Oolong is a treasure due to its unique and intense flavor. It is produced only in Wuyi Mountain in Fujian, with a protected designation of origin, using selected varietals that are grown in the ecological environment among the rocks of the area, and processed in original and traditional technology. We provide with top quality Yanchas from Zhengyan, the core of the most authentic area in the Wuyi mountain, both the classic options like Dahongpao, Rougui and Shuixian, as well as the later developed varietals, Beidou, Qilan etc. More Oolong categories coming soon on our website, please stay tuned.

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