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Our 1996 Bian Xiao Zhuan has been widely acclaimed, but the inventory is dwindling, plus there is no longer any stock anywhere in the world. Therefore, we have replicated a “fake” version of it. This replica was compressed at the end of 2022 using a batch of 1998 material, which is also a mature harvest, but of a relatively higher grade than the original 1996 version.


Please note that while the shape and packaging of the brick can be replicated, the tea flavor will never be recreated. The same happens to this 1998 Bian Xiao Zhuan in comparison to the 1996 version, which provides some wonderful flavors of a different style. Due to differences in age, material and aging conditions, instead of the exquisite, delicate and mellow flavors of the 1996 version, this tea is more intense, flavorful and powerful; instead of the extremely smooth mouth texture and silky throat feel as the 1996 version, it offers a thicker and rounder liquor; although, the pleasant aging aroma of dry storage is present in the same way in both versions.

1998 Bian Xiao Zhuan - Aged Ripe/Shou Puerh 边销砖

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