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The original characteristics of this tea when we first encountered it remain vivid in our minds: fresh, aromatic, with a rough and harsh profile, unpleasantly powerful, and boasting plenty of bitterness and astringency among other complex flavors. These features immediately reminded us of its potential for aging, prompting us to take the risk and acquire a considerable batch. Now, it turns out, that we were right.


Under favorable conditions in our private storage, a radical change occurred in this tea during the long-term aging process. Now, it exhibits the typical characteristics of an excellent aged Puerh: mature and pleasant in both flavors and aromas, with a mild and rich taste, a creamy texture, and a singularly clean flavor profile, providing plenty of comforting energy. Thanks to the rich gustatory substances that the raw material contains, which previously manifested as pungency and harshness, the tea retains its flavorful essence and avoids becoming bland even after aging for almost two decades. The only regret lies in the inability to compare its current flavor to its past, robbing us of the opportunity to be astonished by the magic of tea aging.

2005 Mengla Tuo Cha Raw/Sheng Puerh 勐腊沱茶

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