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Dan Gui (No.304) was created by the Tea Institute of Fujian Agricultural Sciences Academy over 19 years starting from 1979, by selecting among the natural hybrids of Rou Gui. As a direct descendant of Rou Gui, it carries on the typical cinnamon notes of its parent plant and is one of the few varietals with these characteristics among the numerous Yanchas. Additionally, it often brings woody notes when properly handcrafted.


This 2023 Dan Gui is a cup of perfume. Besides those typical features of the varietal and the elegant floral fragrance common to many Yanchas, it also brings out clear milk notes both on the lid of the Gaiwan and in the mild liquor.

Dan Gui 丹桂

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Anniversary -12%

  • Origin: Zhengyan Zone >> Wuyi >> Fujian


    Harvest: 2023


    Roasting Level: medium


    Launch Date: June 12, 2024

  • 8.3g/100-110ml/100ºC/10-12s

    The rinse step is optional, 8-10s in the 1st infusion if omitted. Increase the steeping time by a few seconds in each infusion since the 6th.

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