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Huang Qi a natural hybrid varietal (No.506) created between 1972-1993, originating from White Qi Lan as its maternal plant and its paternal plant Huang Dan (Huang Jin Gui). This lovely varietal has inherited the best characteristics of its parent plants, an orchid note from White Qi Lan and an Osmanthus note from Huang Dan.


Our 2020 Huang Qi presents perfectly the typical features of the varietal. A relatively lower roasting process has well conserved the floral scents, the rich Osmanthus and Orchid fragrances are apparent and penetrating in all infusions, and detectable in the cooled-down Gaiwan after finishing. The tea soup is gentle but tasty and remains smooth even in the final infusion while being steeped for 30 or 40 seconds. If you like floral Yancha, this is definitely the tea for you.

Huang Qi 黄奇

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  • Origin: Zhengyan zone >> Wuyi >> Fujian


    Harvest: 2020


    Toasting Level: medium light

  • 8.3g/100ml/100ºC/5-10s

    From the 4th or 5th infusion it is recommended to increase the steeping time by several seconds in each infusion.

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