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Fully hand crafted. The elegant color, the gainly shape and the comtortable feel in the hand, all make it different than many common Gaiwans. It is a great choice for an individual indulgence, and also ideal for tasting some exclusive tea in a reduced consumption.


Sacrificial blue glaze is a rare type of porcelain with good taste. It was created in the Yuan dynasty (14th century), then from the Ming dynasty it was often used in royal family ceremonies to sacrifice the sky during centuries, which is why it is named sacrificial blue. The color comes from cobalt oxide and is fired at high temperatures about 1280ºC-1300ºC.

Mini Gaiwan 50ml-60ml, sacrificial blue glaze

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  • Effective volume: 50ml


    Dimensions: diameter 8.0cm * height 5.8cm


    Weight: 100g

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