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Qian Li Xiang is an uncommon varietal, originally found at the famous spot "Hui Yuan Keng" in Wuyi mountains, whose name is documented in the Yancha Tree Register of Hui Yuan Keng in 1943. The name literally means "scent of thousand miles", making clear it is an aromatic varietal. In order to preserve the penetrating aroma, most of Qian Li Xiang on the market are light toasted, which brings a clear liquor of orange color with high content of volatile aromatic substance. And due to the high content of water-soluble extractives, this tea provides a rich taste but usually with lingering astringency, for this reason we have selected a medium-high toasted one which is fairy different than the Qian Li Xiang you may have tried before. Therefore, such astringency no longer appears in our 2021 Qian Li Xiang, although the volatile aroma goes weaken logically throughout the deeper toasting process. Instead, some ripe fruits notes and woody scents stand out, also, more sweetness and complexity appear in the liquor which is much darker and thicker than that of those slightly toasted ones. Try this uncommonly processed uncommon varietal.

Qian Li Xiang 千里香

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