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Que She means sparrow's tongue, it is a typical small leaf varietal, the tea leaves look exactly as small as the tongue of some little birds. It is another descendent of Da Hong Pao. Unlike Qi Dan which was reproduced asexually from the Da Hong Pao mother trees, Que She was bred via sexual reproduction (to be specific, from the mother tree No.1), thus its genes have somehow changed, reflecting in the tea some features very different to Da Hong Pao. Due to the limited plantation and the lower yield, this tea isn't very prevalent in the market.


This tea isn't very powerful but indeed tasty. It is a feast of flavors and aromas since the moment that the sachet is opened: ripe fruit notes from the dry leaves in the pre-heated Gaiwan; very clear gardenia fragrance both on the lid of the Gaiwan and at the bottom of the teacup; herbaceous and woody notes in the wet leaves; orchid scent, sweetness, mineral and a touch of astringency magically mixed in the liquor.

Que She 雀舌

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  • Origin: Zhengyan zone >> Wuyi >> Fujian


    Harvest: 2023/2021


    Toasting Level: medium light