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Bingdao (Iced Island) is a village located in the middle of Bangma Da Xue Shan Mountain (maximum altitude 3200m) in Mengku town, at an altitude of 1750m. There are 4954 trees over 100 y/o in Bingdao, with an annual production of less than 3 tons; among them, those over 500 y/o do not even reach 200 trees, giving an annual production of only a few hundred kgs. While becoming the most famous Puerh area, due to limited production to high demand, logically Bingdao is often criticized that its flavors do not match the inflated price. But yes, the quality is there, the excellence of its products is indisputable.


On account of the costly pricing, otherwise the widespread fake Bingdao teas in the market, we have been very cautious about teas from this area. Fortunately, the price of Huang Pian is still acceptable, so we were able to share a batch of material from this prestigious area with a partner company, and compressed it into this uncommon shape of bar.


Bingdao Puerhs are characterized by intense sweetness, as well as floral and rock candy aromas, and it is unsurprising that this 2022 Gold Bar Bingdao Huang Pian has inherited these geographical features. Although being freshly produced, it has very low bitterness and astringency due to the particularity of the mature leaves. Instead of Huigan, which is a sweetness that appears after bitterness, the sweetness of this tea presents from the beginning. As for its aroma, it is floral, vegetal and a lot of freshness in the dry leaves, a little ordinary in the steeped leaves, then the floral fragrance bursts out in the liquor with long duration in the mouth.

2022 Gold Bar, Bingdao Huang Pian - Raw/Sheng Puerh 冰岛黄金条

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