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"Amidst the dusty ride, the concubine smiles;
No one knows it's because of the arrival of lychees."


This classic verse recounts the story of Yang Guifei, the beloved concubine (Fei Zi in Chinese) of an emperor in the Tang dynasty, who had a deep fondness for lychees. At her husband's command, the swiftest riders would journey thousands of kilometers to deliver fresh lychees to her, bringing her great joy.


The name of the tea, Fei Zi Xiao, originates from this poetic tale of love, literally translating to "Concubine's Smile." It is a premium black tea developed in Tongmu Guan over the recent decade, meticulously crafted from tender spring buds and the first two leaves. While the name recalls the preference of a historical beautiful woman for lychees, this tea offers not only delicate lychee notes but also a complex bouquet of floral and fruity fragrances, complemented by relaxing honey hints in its flavorful brew.


Our Fei Zi Xiao tea comes from Miao Wan, a renowned village in Tongmu Guan situated at an altitude exceeding 1000 meters. It is handcrafted by the sister of Mr. Liang Jun De, one of the creators of Jin Jun Mei tea, who is now in her sixties. With such an exquisite tea, whom would you try to delight?

Tongmu Guan Fei Zi Xiao 妃子笑

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  • Weight: 25g in tin box


    Origin: Miao Wan >> Tongmu Guan >> Wuyi >> Fujian


    Harvest: 2024 spring


    Launch Date: June 25, 2024