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To celebrate the opening of our online shop, we here at Xin An Chu have commissioned a special commemorative Puerh cake. This is a small cake of 200g, using the highest quality fresh harvest picked in March of 2021 from a little-known village near Da Xue Shan in the Lincang area, and processed in a trusted factory under our control. We were so excited when the cakes were finally pressed on the 3rd of April, as this is our very first customized product. It is a good option both to drink now and to add to the collection for aging. It’s fairly tasty and aromatic, logically very fresh but not rough, and leaves a very clean and pleasant aftertaste in mouth. Currently we prefer not to describe too much about its flavor and aroma, as such a newly processed raw/sheng Puerh changes its characters month by month.


"There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy..." So come on, discover our Xin An Chu Commemorative Raw/Sheng Puerh Cake worthy both in Heaven and on Earth. We’d love to share with you this great memory of the birth of our brand.

2021 Xin An Chu Commemorative Cake - Raw/Sheng Puerh

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Anniversary -12%