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Wuzhou Tea Factory was founded in 1953, nowadays it is the biggest Liu Bao tea producer, whose trademark San He (Three Cranes) is worldwide famous. We don't think it's necessary to describe much about the factory and the brand, as most of the Liu Bao drinkers are very familiar with them. However, many of you have tried Three Cranes Liu Bao tea of Malaysia storage, Hong Kong storage, etc., now we are bringing you something different. All of our Liu Bao teas were aged in the original production zone Guangxi, and are as excellent as those of Malaysia storage, although the latter is widely considered as the best place for aging Liu Bao tea.


This tea is made from high mountain Gushu material of 2003, and moderately fermented in traditional method in 2008. The selected material of third grade provides extra sweetness and smoothness, and stands up for many infusions. After being aged for 14 years, the tea has developed a very soft texture of a real aged Liu Bao, it is so silky that the liquor flows down over the throat without having to swallow. The liquor is mellow but very tasty, with some typical betel nut notes.

2008/2010 Three Cranes Liu Bao #3811

SKU: DL003