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Mengsong is one of the six famous tea mountains and it defines high quality Puerh. More than 250 hectares of old tea cultivations are well reserved in Mengsong area, located in eleven ancient tea gardens such as Naka, Baotang, Nanben etc. One of these tea gardens is Man Mai, which is where we found this wonderful tea.


This is a tightly compressed tea cake of 200g. At first it is a bit hard to break the tea cake up, but once disassembled the charming scent of the dry leaves envelops you and is enhanced in the warmed-up Gaiwan, teasing your senses before the first infusion. Then when activated by boiling water, the fragrance changes and becomes even more attractive, with a clear aging aroma, moist wood note, slight baked sunflower seed hint and moss note, it makes it seem as if you were walking in a foggy forest, both relaxing and comforting. The tea soup is mild but rich in layers, and it becomes energetic the longer it is steeped, with the round bitterness giving you a comfortable and powerful feeling in the mouth, but with no striking astringency.


Also, 2013 Man Mai Gushu Dan Zhu is available on our website, which was harvested in the same plantation as this 2012 Man Mai Gushu, but from single tree(s) over 300 y/o.