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Talking of Ji Zhi pot, we have to mention Chen Mansheng, since this classical teapot is listed in the Mansheng Shiba Shi (the eighteen Mansheng pots). Chen Mansheng is a highly accomplished calligrapher in Qing dynasty, also a Zisha pot lover, who collaborated with the famous potter Yang Pengnian on the eighteen master pieces that have handed down over centuries, designed and inscribed by Mansheng and handcrafted by Pengnian. Together with Ji Zhi, another well-known Mansheng pot is Shi Piao (石瓢).


The pot's name comes from a historical figure Ji An (? - 112 B.C), who was respectfully addressed as Ji Zhi, in the sense of "the upright (Zhi) lord Ji An", for his upright character, since Zhi means upright or straight. Then this pot is named after him for the straight shape.


This is such a classic and elegant teapot, well-made from a gritty Zhuni of original ore, which gives it a sandy but exquisite texture; the extra small capacity makes individual tea session easier, but it still can be used to share tea with another person. It is an excellent piece for Shou Puerh, Heicha, black tea and aged Sheng Puerh etc., but we don't recommend using it for Oolong or young Sheng Puerh, since the slim body is not the best for the big leaves to spread out.


The photos were taken under natural light and not edited. There may be subtle nuance when you see the teapot under different lighting.

Ji Zhi 汲直 - Yixing Zisha Teapot 80ml Zhuni