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This is a well-aged white tea from Yunnan, made from the well-known varietal Jinggu Dabai and processed in the traditional method. It is a charming tea with multiple layers in both flavors and aromas. While the dry ball brings out floral fragrance and brown sugar notes, some pleasant herbal undertones and a comforting aging aroma present in the wet leaves as well as in the mellow liquor. Throughout the endless infusions, there is a constant sweetness and some clear ripe fruit notes in the liquor, reminding us of raisins and dried apricots.


This tea stands in clear contrast to its fresh version 2022 Jinggu Gushu White Tea Dragon Ball, providing a playful experience when tasting them side by side.

2014 Jinggu Gushu White Tea Dragon Ball 景谷

SKU: B003