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Xiao Hu Sai has been one of the most popular locations in the Puerh world in recent years. Xiao Hu Sai is a village located on the western hillside of Mengku. The incredibly famous Bingdao village is situated approximately 14km away, and the two villages are solely connected by a mountain track, which is only accessible by foot. As well as Bingdao being located nearby, as is the equally famous Da Xue Shan (Big Snow Mountain), which is located just 2km away. Xiao Hu Sai is at an average altitude of 2,000 meters, and there are nearly 80 hectares of tea gardens, with more than half of the tea gardens comprising of ancient Gushu trees. Within the Gushu forests, at least 300 acres of the ancient trees have a circumference greater than 1m, and a height greater than 5m. No matter the total area, the number of ancient tea trees, or the degree of preservation, Xiao Hu Sai is one of the best ancient tea gardens in the Mengku area. Together with Bingdao, Xiao Hu Sai represents the highest quality Puerh of the Mengku area, and also is considered to have a flavour similar to that of Bingdao.


Upon opening the wrapping paper of our 2018 Xiao Hu Sai Raw/Sheng Puerh Dragon Ball, the charming floral scent immediately hits you. The flavour is fresh, clean, strong, but not pungent nor overpowering, you can hardly find any astringency in the tea soup. You can find nutty and flora flagrances in all infusions. Quick Huigan (回甘), the sweetness comes back quickly after each sip and with the duration to last.

2018 Xiao Hu Sai Gushu Raw/Sheng Puerh Dragon Ball 小户赛