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Tong Qu (童趣): the joy of childhood.


Qing Hua literally means blue flowers, or blue patterns, also known in English as blue and white porcelain (or pottery). It is a kind of underglaze porcelain with white ground and blue patterns, fired at high temperature. This elegant and generous variety is originated from China and spread all over the world, influencing on the Islamic and European ceramic art in history. It is not only the most influential porcelain before industrialization, but also regarded as a representative of the aesthetics of the Chinese culture.

Tong Qu - Qing Hua Gaiwan 120ml - 130ml 童趣

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€64.14Sale Price
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Anniversary -12%

  • Effective volume: 120ml


    Dimensions: diameter 9.0cm * height 7.5cm


    Weight: 143g

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