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Ban Tian Yao, one of the four renowned bushes of Yancha, can be translated into English as Mid-air Elf. Due to the homonymous Chinese characters that the name uses, it could also be interpreted as Heaven's Waist, however, our team prefer to call it Mid-air Elf, due to its variable and shifty characteristics, exactly like an elf floating in mid-air.


Besides the orchid fragrance that you can commonly find in many Yancha, there are also other mixed floral scents such as Osmanthus and Magnolia in our 2020 Ban Tian Yao, as well as a hint of fruity scent, particularly an apricot note. We wouldn't describe it as an aggressive tea, but it still has a relatively strong flavour and long aftertaste.


If you are interested in tasting the other three varieties of the four renowned bushes,