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Although Feng Huang (Phoenix) is so well known for its Dancong Oolong, in recent years a tasty new variety, Dancong black tea, has been developed. It is handcrafted in the black tea process, using the same material as Dancong Oolong, so that it has all the characteristics of black tea while maintaining some of the charms of Dancong Oolong.


Our Dancong Black Tea comes from Da Zhi Shan, which is, along with Wudong Shan and Fengniao Ji, one of the three famous mountains in Feng Huang area, at an altitude above 1100m. Apart from the orchid fragrance inherited from the Milan Xiang varietal, this tea brings fruity aromas, especially some juicy plum notes. You will find a subtle touch of acidity in the overall sweetness of the tea soup, making the creamy mouthfeel well balanced.

Dancong Black Tea

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