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Black tea of Yunnan is known in China as Dian Hong, Dian=Yunnan, Hong=Hongcha or black tea. Since the first batch of Dian Hong was tried out in 1939 in Fengqing county, black teas of Yunnan quickly received wide recognition for the beautiful shape, rich flavor and sweetness both in China and overseas. However, different from the traditional Dian Hong, Da Jin Zhen, together with other varieties of new technique like Da Jin Ya, Jin Luo etc., were created much later.


This is a very high-quality Da Jin Zhen (big golden needle), delicate, pleasant and comforting. The hairy golden needles are made from tender harvest, a bud with a half-spread leaf, bringing out the typical honey, fruity notes, also, fresh sweet corn both in scent and flavor, nothing of bitterness nor astringency.

Dian Hong - Da Jin Zhen 大金针

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