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According to the differences in material, process and the shape of the final product, Heicha of Anhua are divided into three groups: "Jian" (lightly compressed and packed in bamboo basket), "Zhuan" (compressed in shape of brick) and “Hua Juan” (compressed in columnar shape). We have selected one typical option from each group for our Heicha lovers, each tea with 15g.


- Jian2012 Tian Jian


- Zhuan: 2009 Anhua Fuzhuan BG786


- Hua Juan: 2017 Gao-Ma Qianliang


If you like to make a comparison among them, 50ml Mini Gaiwan 3pcs Set or 100ml Gaiwan are available on our website.

Anhua Heicha Pack

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