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Jin Mu Dan, which translates to "Gold Peony," is an artificial hybrid varietal (No.220) created by the Tea Institute of Fujian Agricultural Sciences Academy. It originates from Tie Guan Yin as its maternal plant and Huang Dan (also known as Huang Jin Gui) as its paternal plant. Like other descendants of these celebrated tea tree varietals, Jin Mu Dan is renowned for its intense and complex aroma.


Our Jin Mu Dan undergoes proper medium roasting, offering a comforting Yan Yun and a rich fragrance. Enjoy the caramel notes in the dry leaves, the typical orchid fragrance on the lid of the Gaiwan and at the bottom of the teacup, the fruitiness in the steeped leaves, and a subtle white flower fragrance, particularly gardenia, in both the tasty liquor and the aftertaste.

Jing Mu Dan 金牡丹

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  • Origin: Zhengyan Zone >> Wuyi >> Fujian


    Harvest: 2023


    Roasting Level: medium


    Launch Date: June 12, 2024