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Lian Hua Feng, also known as lotus peak. It is located in the northwest hillside of San Yang Feng, the main peak of Wuyi mountain, at an altitude of 536m. It is such a famous location in the Wuyi Mountains and well known for its high-quality harvest.


Thanks to our factory's mastery of tea processing, the excellence of the harvest from such a popular tea garden displays perfectly in this tea. The iconic spicy cinnamon notes of Rou Gui varietal, the pervasive fragrance both floral and fruity, the thick and well-balanced flavors, as well as the impressive minerality, all remind us, by each sip, that it is one of the best Rou Gui teas in the market.


An aged version of the same tea produced in 2017 is available on our website. Both the fresh version and the aged one will amaze you with their wonderful flavor and the charming nuance between them.


This tea is included in the value options of Rou Gui Parties.

Lian Hua Feng Rou Gui 莲花峰肉桂

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  • Origin: Lian Hua Feng >> Wuyi >> Fujian


    Harvest: 2022


    Toasting Level: medium


    Launch Date: June 8, 2023

  • 8.3g/100ml/100ºC/5-8s

    The rinse step is optional, 8-10s in the 1st infusion if omitted. From the 6th or 7th infusion it is recommended to increase the steeping time by several seconds in each infusion.

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