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Thanks to the cooperation with the Portuguese Tea Company, we are able to offer this precious local tea produced in Europe.


The Azores (Os Açores) have almost 200 years of history of tea cultivation and have two very important tea factories. However, unlike the industrialized tea production in those factories, this tea is rare because of its very small batches, handmade by just three people and dried in solar oven. It is an experimental program run by the San Miguel Island Agricultural Development Service, which is a state department in charge of promoting the island's products, with a small plantation of Assamica varietal on its own plot of land.


This tea is well made in Bai Mu Dan style, bringing strong floral and honey scents as well as some lemon grass notes in the dry leaves, and more fruity notes like plum and citrus along with a vegetal touch in both the steeped leaves and the liquor. The golden liquor is well balanced among rich sweetness, freshness, delicate tannin and more complex flavors.


This is a limited edition on our website, we have only 25 portions. You can also find it on the official website of the Portuguese Tea Company, as it is marketed exclusively by them.


Attention: our pack is 20g, and the original one of the Portuguese Tea Company is 25g.

Portuguese White Tea: Os Açores