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Huangpian, or Yellow Flakes, are the mature part of the harvest. These leaves are removed in the middle of the process, as they don't match the harvesting standard. Although they used to be considered as unqualified material, along with the revaluation of Puerh Huangpian, more and more people start to recognize the particular flavor of Yancha Huangpian, so that now you find these selected leaves on the market, only from excellent varietals and from recognized Zhengyan zone. Unlike the powerful and complex Yancha, Yancha Huangpian is less toasted, mild and gentle, but with strong fruty aroma in the dry leaves, also, a lot of floral fragrance and sweetness in the tea soup.


Please be aware that this tea is not a variety of Yancha, it does not fully complete the standard Yancha process.

Rou Gui Huangpian

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