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Shi Ru means stone milk. Although nowadays it is hard to find on the market, this varietal is indigenous to Wuyi mountains and has long and glorious history. The earliest surviving reference to this tea is from the 12th century, which mentioned that a royal decree issued between 995-997 by the second emperor of Song Dynasty requested Shi Ru as an article of tribute. In comparison, it was in the 14th century that Da Hong Pao became famous, much later than Shi Ru. However, Shi Ru is not a very productive varietal, among the high-yielding new varietals that have been appearing over the centuries, such a once-prominent tea is now almost extinct due to its lower economic value.


Shi Ru is a unique tea, not loud but definitely has its depth both in the scents and flavors. Actually, it is always a challenge for the makers to toast it properly, which requests great skill to display its charm. This is also one of the reasons that many farmers are not willing to waste time on this "outdated" tea. Nonetheless, our supplier has done a wonderful job. Our 2021 Shi Ru brings a very balanced liquor, with mellowness, strength and power in it; it presents mainly intoxicating fruity aromas mixed with subtle floral touch, otherwise, some woody notes in the indicial and final infusions; there is lovely sweetness in each sip and even more in the aftertaste. The tea name may mislead us to take milky scent for the main characters of the varietal, although if you’d like to find it, it is in the bottom of the cooling-down Gaiwan.

Shi Ru 石乳

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