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Tie Luo Han, one of the four renowned bushes of Yancha, is also known in English as Iron Arhat. The name comes from the man who first found and processed this famous tea, and in the legend, he is said to be a strong and muscular Buddhist monk.


Harvested from the core production area, our 2020 Tie Luo Han has stout dry leaves, with a shape similar to that of Rougui. It has strong flavors, rich layers with a pleasant charcoal fire aroma, and fruity and mixed floral scents. A strong sweet caramel note can be found in the dry leaves, and this same note is weaker, yet detectable in each infusion.


If you are interested in tasting the other three varieties of the four renowned bushes, Shui Jin Gui, Bai Ji Guan and Ban Tian Yao are available on our website.

Tie Luo Han 铁罗汉

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  • Origin: Zhengyan zone >> Wuyi >> Fujian


    Harvest: 2020


    Toasting Level: medium

  • 8.3g/100ml/100ºC/5-8s