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This tea is exactly the same as it was during the flash sale, from the same batch made in the same factory. The only difference is that it is now 8.3g per pouch, whereas before it was 8.5g.

(Updated on June 5, 2024)


This is currently one of the hottest Yanchas in China and is still quite rare in the international market.


Su Xin Lan is one of the classic Yancha varietals, ever recorded in the well-known tea book "Compendium of Wuyi Yancha Famous Bushes", although today it is no longer commonly found in the Wuyi mountains. Thanks to the leading brand Rui Quan Tea Factory, whose successful Su Xin Lan product has brought this historical tea back to the market in recent years.


Su Xin Lan literally refers to "plain heart orchid" or "pure heart orchid," and the meaning of this beautiful name also reflects in the tea flavor profile. It is a pure and gentle tea with complex taste, full of sweetness and minerality, especially highlighting the clear orchid fragrance both on the lid of the Gaiwan, at the bottom of the teacup, and in the tasty liquor.

Su Xin Lan 素心兰

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Anniversary -12%

  • Origin: Zhengyan Zone >> Wuyi >> Fujian


    Harvest: 2023 


    Roasting Level: medium-light to medium


    Launch Date: June 5th, 2024

  • 8.3g/100-110ml/100ºC/5-6s

    The rinse step is optional, 6-10s in the 1st infusion if omitted. Increase the steeping time by a few seconds in each infusion since the 5th.

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