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There is no doubt that Yu Qi Lin is a rare and little-known varietal, which was originally found from a very famous spot, Jiu Long Ke, in the Wuyi Mountains. Qilin is a mythical creature in Chinese mythology, having the name Yu Qi Lin (Jade Qilin), this tea is destined to be a mystical and elegant choice.


As one of the characteristics of this varietal, there are subtle hints of milk and rose among the mixed fruity and floral scents of the dry leaves, and the latter may increase a bit in the first few infusions. It is also characterized by a salty mineral flavor that appears since the second infusion, highlighting the rocky charm of high class Yancha. In addition, some dried bamboo leaf notes are present in all infusions, both in the liquor and in the steeped leaves. Our 2021 Yu Qi Lin perfectly displays all these typical features of the varietal, and brings a tasty, fragrant and well-balanced liquor throughout multiple infusions.