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Mutton Fat Jade White Porcelain, originating from the Dehua Kiln, stands as one of the finest examples of China's white porcelain, celebrated for its unique characteristics. Distinct from the aqua-toned white porcelain of Jingdezhen and some other types of shiny pure white, this porcelain exhibits a mellow white color with an ivory tone, featuring a lambent sheen and an oily texture reminiscent of genuine mutton fat jade. It presents as warm and translucent under sunlight.


This 25ml mini teacup is perfect for Chaozhou style Gongfu Cha sessions and also ideal for degustation of the most precious teas. The ivory-white color facilitates observing the tea color, the proper thickness of the wall keeps the tea warm even in very little quantity, and the classic and minimalist shape brings elegance to your tea table.

Mini Gongfucha Teacup 20/25ml - Mutton Fat Jade White Porcelain

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