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Shan Shui (山水, mountain and water) refers to a style of traditional Chinese painting that depicts scenery or natural landscapes like mountains, rivers and often waterfalls, using a brush and black ink rather than more conventional paints.


Shan Shui painting first arose to prominence during the 5th century. These landscape paintings usually center on mountains. Mountains had long been seen as sacred places in Chinese culture, which were viewed as the homes of immortals and thus, close to the heavens. Philosophical interest in nature, or in mystical connotations of naturalism, could also have contributed to the rise of landscape painting.


Instead of an image of what they have seen in the nature, the Shan Shui painters try to present they have thought about nature. No one cares whether the painted colors and shapes look like the real object or not. Shan shui painting is a kind of painting which goes against the common definition of what a painting is. It refutes color, light and shadow and personal brush work. Shan Shui painting is not an open window for the viewer's eye, instead, it is an object for the viewer's mind. Shan Shui painting is more like a vehicle of philosophy.

Shan Shui - Qing Hua Gaiwan 110ml - 120ml 山水

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    Dimensions: diameter 9.0cm * height 7.5cm


    Weight: 120g

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