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If you do some research about “Puerh-geography”, you may find several namesake villages also called Man Na in different Puerh regions, and our 2018 Man Na Gushu Raw/Sheng Puerh comes from the one in Bulang Shan. Under the shadow of such a famous tea mountain, this tiny village seems insignificant. This is an authentic Bulang Shan Puerh, but we would like to let you know exactly where the tea you are drinking comes from. It is a small remote village located on the mountain with a lack of good transportation, just 20km away from the border with Myanmar. It was made up of Bulang minority, where the people live off the land and have been growing tea for generations.


In just three years, our 2018 Man Na Gushu Raw/Sheng Puerh has relinquished its crudeness, although it’s still fresh. The pleasant wildflower scent of the dry leaves floats up from the heated Gaiwan before being activated by boiling water. The first infusion takes longer than the recommended brewing method, but we’d suggest you follow the recommendation the first time you brew it and let this tea show you its dramatic turn-around. Under the 10 seconds steeping time, the first infusion is rather watery and lacks flavour, however, the surprising contrast comes unexpectedly, with the second infusion bringing strong flavors and all the typical characters of Bulang Shan Puerh, along with freshness, and making us think of juicy tropical fruits. It’s fairly resistant to brewing, the well-balanced tea soup stays energetic, nutty and mineral throughout multiple infusions, and leaves a long lasting sweet and clean feeling in the mouth for hours. Prepare yourself some snacks, this tea may make you feel hungry!

2018 Man Na Gushu Raw/Sheng Puerh (Bulang Shan) 曼纳

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