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Notice: This tea is not sold separately; it comes with a discount being combined with other options in Art Tea - The Trans-Siberian Lovers.


Si Jin Qian (Four Gold Coins) is the trademark of Shen Chang Lao Cha Zhuang, an old tea company initially established in Guangzhou (later in Hong Kong as Tong Chang Hang since the 1950s). Due to historical reasons, after World War II, Shen Chang tea company manufactured its Liu Bao tea in Hong Kong, utilizing raw materials sourced mainly from neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar etc.; and distributed to Southeast Asian countries, mainly in Malaysia and Singapore. While strictly speaking, it doesn’t count as an orthodox Liu Bao tea, as it was not produced in Liu Bao town nor crafted from Guangxi raw materials, Si Jin Qian has earned recognition as one of the finest Liu Bao teas. This acknowledgment is attributed to its rich flavor derived from the Assamica tea tree species as well as the favorable aging conditions in Malaysia.


This 2005 Si Jin Qian Liu Bao has aged very well, with the leaves deeply oxidized in a proper manner, emitting comforting aging scents, accompanied by spicy notes of cocoa bean and camphor wood, as well as the typical betel nut notes and some ginseng undertones. It showcases the distinctive flavors of Hong Kong-style Liu Bao, intense and complex, featuring a round body, creamy texture, and a long-lasting aftertaste.

2005 Si Jin Qian Liu Bao

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