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Hua-Juan is an important type of Anhua Heicha. It is made in different sizes, and the smallest format is Shi Liang Cha, which weighs exactly one percent of Qian Liang Cha. "Liang" is an ancient unit of weight, Qian Liang (千两) means one thousand "Liang" (36.25kg), and Shi Liang (十两) means ten "Liang", equivalent to 0.3625kg.


This 2012 Shi Liang Cha is handmade using traditional craft method, wrapped in reed leaves and bamboo strips, with golden flowers in it, and excellently aged under very proper conditions. It provides a brilliant liquor of amber color with round body, bringing out a slight pinewood smokiness in the first infusion, the iconic camphorwood notes of high-quality aged Anhua Heicha since the second till sixth infusion, and an endless sweetness in the later infusions. Of course, the charming aging aroma, the scent of golden flowers and the minerality are always there all along. No matter how you brew it, it is always flavorful, sweet, and has no astringency and bitterness even when very long steeped.

2012 Anhua Shi Liang Cha 十两茶

SKU: DH010