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Tongmu Guan, the authentic and original production area of Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong, is situated in the National Nature Reserve of Wuyi Mountain, at average altitudes of 1000 meters, where is no industry, the ecological environment is original and completely pollution-free, full of wild animals and ancient forests. Our 2020 Wuyi Wild Black Tea comes from the high-elevation peaks of Tongmu Guan, using the harvest from the wild century-old trees in the deep bamboo forest, processed in the traditional craft of Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong but unsmoked. It coincides with all the typical features of a high-quality Tongmu Guan black tea, sweet, aromatic and flavorful. By chance we found this small batch of 2020, only 1kg in stock.


Although we suggest brewing it at a water temperature of 95ºC, as an authentic tea from Tong Mu Guan, it is excellent enough to bear 100ºC. Also, you can try different parameters, for exampal, 5g/100ml/90ºC/20s, which will give different flavors.

2020 Wuyi Wild Black Tea 野生红茶

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