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Zhu Ni clay is a rare type of the Hongni clays. The raw ore is yellow and turns yellowish red after firing. Zhu Ni has a very high shrinkage rate while firing, which causes a low yield, only about 60%-70%.


This Jun De pot has a fluent and graceful shape, very bright and clean surface. The proper volume is just right for a Gongfu Cha tasting session among 1-3 people. Suitable for all kinds of Oolong, Puerh, Heicha etc., especially ideal for the teas of large leaves, due to the roomy inner space.


The photos were taken under natural light and not edited. There may be subtle nuance when you see the teapot under different lighting.

Jun De 君徳 - Yixing Teapot (Zisha) 100ml Zhuni

SKU: ZS007
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