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Notice: This tea is not sold separately; it comes with a discount being combined with other options in Art Tea - The Trans-Siberian Lovers.


Zhu Tong Cha is a tea packed in a bamboo tube, representing the most primitive form of compressed Puerh, even earlier than the technique of compressing tea into common shapes like Bing Cha (cake), Zhuan Cha (brick), and Tuo Cha (nest). The original purpose was only for easy transportation, but as a fringe benefit, the tea ages better and also acquires some bamboo aromas.


Menghai is famous for its ripe Puerh, and this Menghai tea upholds the region's prestige. In addition to the very clean environment in our own storage, the excellence of this tea is also attributed to its raw material of large leaves from Menghai, providing a thick, sweet, and creamy liquor with a pleasant aging aroma and notes of freshly cooked rice.


You may find some white sheets on the tea, which are the membranes of the bamboo's inner wall. It is no concern of a quality issue and has certain healthy benefits. It also imparts certain bamboo notes to the tea while brewing.

Ripe/Shou Puerh - 2010 Zhu Tong Cha

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